GPS Tracker APP for free (included)

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1. Download Free App

Download the GPS Tracker Mini© Android or iOS App for free to your smartphone. You can find the download link or search procedure for Google Play or Apple App Store in the operating instructions.

2. Insert SIM card

Whether prepaid or contract. The GPS Tracker Mini© works with any Mirco SIM card in standard format from any country worldwide. Hint: Order a prepaid SIM card here.

IMEI Nummer auf der Rückseite

3. Connect GPS Tracker Mini© to the app

All you have to do is log into the app with the tracker’s ID number (located on the back). You’re ready to go!

What is a GPS Tracker?

This is a small terminal that uses GPS to research and determine its own coordinates. The GPS Tracker consists of a receiver, a processor unit and a GSM module. The receiver receives signals from various satellites and transmits them. The coordinates are then transmitted via various communication channels.

How is the data transferred?

The transmission of the data takes place in almost real time. Therefore, the position can be experienced in fractions of a second. The end device is usually a device with a fixed IP address. The device can then use this data graphically or in another way or even prepare it for an app.

Fields of application

The range of applications for GPS trackers is generally very wide. In the private sector, they can be used to protect relatives, support the elderly or track lost pets.

GPS trackers are particularly popular in the business sector, for example when tracking company vehicles or truck fleets. Authorities use such devices every day to transport valuable goods.
GPS trackers for cars and motor vehicles are used here.

GPS transmitters are particularly useful in the event of theft, as it is possible to determine and find the location of the object in a shorter time.

How does a GPS Tracker work?

The principle is simple and works using a GPS signal and a communication path. The connection is established using a satellite or SIM card. The data determined from the GPS transmitter car, such as the time, speed and position are sent to a mobile phone and immediately evaluated and displayed as a marker point on a map.

Assembly of the tracker in the vehicle: unpack, insert, ready!

The assembly is quite simple. The GPS transmitter fits into every interface in the car, because it is very small and comfortable. Thanks to the included adapter of the tracker it uses the power from the vehicle. The data is therefore available online around the clock. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Additional functions of GPS Tracker Mini©

With a GPS Tracker you find numerous additional functions, which make the handling easier.

For example you can:

– Create logbooks

– Set the alarm to go off when the circuit is interrupted.

Sensors detect when a door is open or when the engine starts. The GPS transmitter detects when someone is not driving the car in accordance with the law.

It offers you an app with which you can easily access the GPS Tracker and start a live broadcast. More extras of the app and the GPS Tracker:

– Vibration sensors that activate the alarm. The sensitivity level can be set as desired.

– Live transmission, with which you can listen in at any time.

– so that an alarm is triggered when the area is left.

– GSM tracking, if no GPS signal is available.