1. How do I mount the GPS Tracker Mini© in my car?

We have decided to show you how easy it can be to install a GPS transmitter in your own car or any standard car. The assembly is not only very easy in principle, but also requires no manual skills – and certainly no car mechanic.

There are three different ways to install the Tracker in your car:

a) Via the cigarette lighter: Connect the USB adapter directly to the power supply in the driver’s compartment.
b) Connect to the car battery, using the supplied accessories.
c) Attach directly to the power connection, with red and black cable.


I unpacked the GPS  Tracker Mini© and all the accessories in front of me. What do I have to do?

First of all, you should decide how you want to set up the tracker in your car. As mentioned above, there are 3 ways to do this:

  • By cigarette lighter
  • By cable to the car battery
  • By cable to the car power supply

-> Except for the loop to attach the GPS tracker to dogs or cats, you need everything you see in the photo. (All included).


a) Mounting to the cigarette lighter

All you need is the GPS Tracker Mini© the cigarette lighter USB adapter and the USB cable. Before you install your GPS Tracker Car, make sure you have a Micro SIM with SIM PIN turned off in your Tracker. There should also be credit on the card. We will come to the installation within the APP and platform later. Now back to the fixed installation in the car.


Step 1) Open the cover of the 12V cigarette lighter in your car.

Step 2) Plug the USB cable into the cigarette lighter adapter.

Step 3) Plug the other end of the USB cable into the GPS Tracker Mini©.

Step 4) Setup complete.

The adapter is now plugged deep into the 12 volt cigarette lighter socket, the USB cable is in the USB port and the other end of the cable (Micro USB) is in the tracker? Then you have done all the steps correctly. Now nothing stands in the way of a permanent GPS monitoring.

Tips and advantages:

  1. Permanent power supply (Tracker is always charged)
  2. No annoying charging from home
  3. Can be stowed unnoticed in the console
  4. Good GPS reception thanks to driver’s compartment
  5. GPS tracking over years possible (continuous operation)
  6. Set up once – you’re done
  7. Hidden positioning
  8. The console can be locked
  9. Listening into the car interior possible
  10. Route tracing


b) Mounting to the car battery

In point a) we have shown how the GPS Tracker Mini© can be installed in the interior of any vehicle within a few minutes. However, if your car only has a cigarette lighter socket or if you do not want the tracker to be visible in the vehicle, you can connect it directly to the car battery. Of course you can also use a Multi Adapter with several USB ports to charge the GPS transmitter and your mobile phone at the same time, but this is easier to find in the vehicle.

Especially when other people are using your car, the tracker is quickly unplugged and GPS tracking and tracing is interrupted after the battery power has expired. The installation on the 12V car battery is much more elegant and can hardly be uncovered. (Set up in 5 min)


Step 1) Connect the car power cable to the GPS Tracker Mini©.

Step 2) Strip the red and black cables more if necessary.

Step 3) Connect the red cable to the red positive terminal and the black cable to the black negative terminal of the car battery.

If you have sufficiently stripped the red and black cable, you can easily wrap the copper cable around the two poles of the car battery. For an even better hold you can use a terminal at the ends of the red and black power cable. You can then connect the plus and minus terminals directly to the power poles of the car battery. All you have to do is loosen the battery screws a little, the cable clamps underneath, and tighten the screws again.

-> As a last step, attach the GPS Tracker Mini© so that it does not wobble around while driving.



c) Mounting on the vehicle power supply

For this solution, to connect the tracker directly to the power supply of the car, depending on the type of vehicle, some previous knowledge or the knowledge where it is located in the car, as well as where the plus and minus cables run. However this can be found out with the help of the operating instructions of your passenger car quite simply. Check whether the power supply or the corresponding wiring harness is inside the vehicle, trunk or engine area. Once you know this, make sure that the tracker’s power cable is connected to the correct cables.


Step 1) Open the power supply cover.

Step 2) Connect red/black cable

Step 3) Insulate with adhesive tape

Step 4) Connect Tracker

Step 5) Stow Tracker safely

Step 6) Close cover

When the tracker is fully stowed and in a stable position, you can start locating your vehicle. A GPS position query is possible via SMS from your mobile phone, via App or free positioning platform. In addition, alarms can be set, geo-fences can be set up, a logbook can be kept and route tracking can be set at intervals.



2. How do I locate my car or motor vehicle now?

Here, too, there are several ways to locate and track your car using GPS tracking. Other providers charge additional, often monthly, costs for the use of the tracking platform or limit the number of position queries. This is a thing of the past – Everything is included with GPS Tracker Mini©: free app, free positioning portal and large accessories!

The GPS Tracker Mini© offers the following possibilities to locate your car:

  • Control via SMS (Send “dw#” to the tracker and get the location on your smartphone in real time.)
  • Control via APP (Select the item Position query in the app)
  • Control in the portal (start GPS positioning)


a) Control via SMS

Position queries, alarms, live tracking, etc. can also be controlled and queried via SMS. (Without using the APP or Tracking Portal)


b) Installation of the APP

-> For detailed instructions please read here: gps-tracker-app


c) Installation for control in the locating platform

-> For detailed instructions please read here: gps-tracker-platform-free





Please use a Micro-SIM card. Insert it as shown on the cover. Insert the micro-SIM card until it clicks briefly and the SIM card is fully inserted. Make sure that the APN settings have been configured correctly by your network provider. Press the Power button for 3 seconds. As soon as the LEDs light up, the tracker is switched on. If the GPS LED flashes faster the tracker has network. Please note that the PIN of your SIM card must be deactivated before inserting it into the tracker.



3. Additional functions for GPS positioning?

Motion and noise alarms can be easily configured via SMS, app or tracking portal.

a)Alarm via APP: You can choose in the alarm settings how the tracker should alert you. When alarming via APP there are no SMS costs; only GPRS data.
b)Alarm via SMS, phone and APP: The tracker sends the alarm first via APP, SMS and calls afterwards.
c) Alarm by phone and APP: The tracker calls you and sends an alarm in the APP.
d)Alarm via SMS and APP: The tracker sends an alarm via SMS and APP.

e) Real-time tracking: Shows current tracker position.
f) Historical routes: Shows the historical or travelled routes
g) Geographical fence: Set a GEO fence. If the tracker leaves the GEO fence, or if the tracker finds a fence again, you will receive an alarm SMS.
h) Main user mobile phone number: From this number you control the tracker (in the APP, in the Tracking Portal, via SMS).
i) White list numbers: Specify which phone numbers can be used by the listen-in function.
j) Switch off the LED’s on the tracker: Deactivate the flashing LED’s on the tracker completely for better camouflage.
k) keep a logbook: Keep an electronic logbook. Calculate fuel consumption, track and save covered distances, measure speed, export data to Excel, define driver profiles: private/business, proof of mileage, etc.
l) Listening function: Listen in to the surroundings of the GPS Tracker Mini© in high-quality audio quality thanks to active noise suppression. Additional voice recognition: If sudden noises occur, you will receive an alarm message on your mobile phone.



4. Frequently Asked Questions?

Question: Why doesn’t listening when I call the tracker work?
Answer: Show SOS1 number & phone number must be active.

Question: How do I set the APN data of the SIM card?
Answer: Configure the APN data from your SIM card in a mobile phone (as described by the respective network provider) – before inserting the SIM into the tracker.

Question: SIM card has GPRS data enabled, but route tracking does not work?
Answer: If the SIM card is already in the tracker, configure APN by SMS command. APN must be configured correctly. You can find the APN data of the respective SIM card on the website of the SIM card provider. The APN connection activates the GPRS data.

Question: Set APN in Tracker? SMS commands?
Answer: Select the APN data of your network provider.

SMS command: apn,<apn>#

Example Vodafone DE: apn,web.vodafone.de#
SMS Command: apn,<apn>,user,<user>,pd,<pd>#

Example Lycamobile DE:

Question: After inserting the SIM card is not activated in the APP?
Answer: Make sure that the APN settings of your network provider have been configured correctly, GPRS and the SOS1 number is active.

Question: Why does a position query dw# sometimes take 1-2 minutes?
Answer: The GPS must build up during longer standby.

Main functions:

  • GSM Quad Band Network, GPS Positioning
  • GPS via website/IOS APP/Android APP or SMS
  • Noise & Vibration Sensor Alarm
  • Listen to the environment Function
  • Low battery alarm
  • Alarm at SIM card change
  • Long standby time

Product Specification:

  • GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS standard: Class 12, TCP/IP
  • GPS Loading Time:
    a) 30sec with cold boot
    b) 29sec with warm boot
    c) 5sec with hot boot
  • GPS accuracy: 10-15m
  • Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
  • Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
  • Size: 40 x 34 x 14mm
  • Weight: 24g


5. General information at the end


What is a GPS car tracker?

GPS trackers for vehicles are concealed in the car. Each location of the car can be determined by the GPS transmitters for the car from their hiding place. In this way the location of the vehicle is sent to the owner. The whole thing works via GPS and mobile phone network.

One of the most popular and optimal transmitters for cars and trucks is the GPS Tracker Mini©. Whether in the car, in the motorcycle or in the truck – it is used today everywhere. Since every vehicle has an enormous material value for its owner, it is very important to protect the vehicle from theft in a certain way or to determine the location in the event of theft. It offers the ideal solution as it is very easy to install.

What is the GPS transmitter for the car for?

With a GPS transmitter car opens up the opportunity to keep your own vehicle always in view and always know where it is currently located.
Advantages of the  GPS Tracker Mini©

The biggest advantage of the GPS Tracker for Cars  is that the car does not have to go to the garage to install the tracker. Its purchase does not entail high costs. In terms of professional theft solutions, the tracker costs only a fraction of that. TheGPS transmitter can even be installed by yourself. No previous technical knowledge is required for this purpose. It is also suitable for any type of vehicle. Vehicles of any age can be equipped with such a GPS transmitter for motor vehicles.

Functions of the GPS Tracker Mini©

The GPS Auto Tracker was developed for continuous monitoring in any vehicle. With the help of this transmitter it is possible to determine at any time where the vehicle is at any given moment. In addition, you can find out where the vehicle has been and where it is currently located.

Place in the car

The installation of the GPS transmitter Auto can be done by each driver himself. The car does not need to be in the workshop for this purpose. Without technical knowledge the installation with the included accessories is child’s play. In no time at all, the GPS Tracker is installed in a hidden and arbitrary place in the car. All you have to do to install the tracker is find a hidden place in the car. The adapter supplied must then be connected to the power supply.

For short-term monitoring, the tracker can be powered by the supplied 12 V cigarette lighter adapter. In this way, the GPS transmitter is ready for use in less than a minute.

Determine the location

The location of the vehicle can be retrieved in different ways. On the one hand, the location can be determined through the online tracking portal, via SMS or via the free app. Whether for Android or for iPhone – the GPS Tracker Mini© app is included free of charge in the scope of delivery for every end device.

Advantages of GPS Tracker Mini©

– Display of routes covered
– GEO-Zaun Technologie: Alarm when leaving corresponding areas
– Alarm in case of noises in the environment
– Live monitoring options
– easy tracking
– 30 days battery life
– Low battery alarm
– vibration sensor
– GPS and GSM tracking


– USB charging cable
– Cigarette lighter plug
– Connecting cable for car battery
– instruction manual
– Tracking app included free of charge
– Tracking Platform included free of charge
– Loop for dog and cat collar

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