Has your four-legged friend ever escaped you, be it a dog or a cat? If so, then you know the despair that spreads in the often almost hopeless search for your family member. Statistically speaking, in Austria, for example, around 80000 (source: Tasso Statistik 2017) pets escape every year. An enormous number! A very large proportion of them are not found again and end up in the best case in an animal shelter and in the worst case as street dogs or cats.

But there is a way to protect your dog or cat effectively and without running subscription costs: The GPS Tracker Mini ©

The GPS Tracker Mini© is the ultimate all-in-one solution for monitoring your pets. No matter if dog, cat or farm animal: You always have the full overview. And thanks to the free tracking portal even with multiple trackers at the same time.

No matter where in the world you are, tracking works virtually anywhere thanks to reliable GPS technology.

How does GPS for pets work?

The functionality of the GPS Tracker Mini© is both simple and ingenious. The small device is attached to your pet’s collar with a loop. By a GPS module inside the with only 24g and 2×3 cm extremely compact device, the position of your pet can be determined to a few meters. The transmitter uses the proven and robust GSM mobile network if no GPS signal is available to send the position to the owner.

The advantage: GSM is the most widespread network in Europe and is practically seamless.

Thanks to GPS reception, it is also possible to locate a mobile phone if no GPS signal is available. Thus you are doubly secured. To track your pet you can easily use the free app or the multifunctional free GPS Tracking Portal.

The features of the GPS Tracker Mini©

The GPS Tracker is a compact device that is barely bigger than a €2 coin. This makes it possible to keep an eye on even relatively small pets such as cats or dog breeds such as pug, dachshund or Spitz. The small device is also very inconspicuous and makes no noises that could unsettle your pet.

The GPS Tracker also includes a professional listening device that reliably transmits sounds and conversations live to your mobile phone. A sophisticated audio processor is integrated, which filters disturbing background noises. This means you only hear what you really need to hear.

The most important feature of the GPS Tracker Mini©, however, is its newly developed high-performance battery, which enables continuous monitoring of your pet. It can operate for up to three months on a single charge. The times when the battery needs to be recharged every few days are finally over.

The functions at a glance:

Small and light: 3 x 4 cm and only 24 grams weight
Dual Positioning: Precise GPS and Stable GSM
Secure data transmission: Highly developed GSM works even with poor mobile phone connections
Unobtrusive appearance
Integrated professional monitoring system with noise suppression
Automatic noise alarm & motion alarm
Up to 3 months battery life

How is the tracker set up?

The GPS Tracker Mini© has been designed to be as easy to use and set up as possible. Therefore the tracker can be put into operation in only 4 simple steps.

1. Charge the device using the supplied Micro USB cable.
2. insert a commercially available Sim card into the device
3. download the free tracking app to your smartphone and log in
4. attach the device to the pet

Now you can start monitoring your four-legged friend.

How do I attach the GPS Tracker Mini© to my pet?

Thanks to the low weight of only 24g, the included loop with the Tracker can easily be attached to any dog or cat collar.
First of all, attach the supplied loop to the Tracker. Pull the thinner part of the loop through the eyelet of the Tracker and knot it. You can easily attach the loop to any animal collar. This is designed for animal use, thanks to the light weight of only 24g and 3 by 4cm size, even suitable for cats.

Pets tracking via tracking app on the smartphone

With the purchase of the GPS Tracker Mini© you also get access to the free Tracking App, with which the tracking of your pet is very easy and also from on the road. Simply log into the app with the data found on the back of the device.
The tracking app allows you to monitor the position of your pet live at any time, which is displayed on a detailed map. Furthermore you have the possibility to see the exact motion of the tracker within the app. In other words, you can trace exactly when your pet was where. For example, it is possible to see exactly which way your dog left the property in order to better secure this area for the future.
A particularly practical feature of the GPS Tracker Mini© is the integrated Geo-Fence function. This allows you to define an area on the map around the current position that your pet is not allowed to leave. This could be your property, for example. If the tracker leaves this area, you will be notified immediately via your smartphone and can intervene.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still use the Tracker?

Unlike most other trackers on the market, the GPS Tracker Mini© is equipped with a unique feature that allows you to track your dog’s position even without the tracking app. Each tracker has its own phone number, which you can link to it by inserting the Sim card.
Therefore, you can easily communicate with the device via SMS. So you learn the exact coordinates of your pet with the short command “dw#”.
You can also call the GPS Tracker at any time. This will connect you to the device’s integrated monitoring system. Now you can easily hear what’s going on around your pet via your mobile phone. It’s a very valuable feature that will help you to know the state of mind of your pet.

The mobile functions at a glance:

Live tracking with map
Geo-Fence with notification as soon as this is left
Detailed motion path
Also controllable via SMS

Even more functions with the online platform

With the purchase of your GPS Tracker Mini© you get a free membership of a Profi Tracking Portal, which significantly increases the number of additional functions.

Similar to the app, the setup is very simple here. Log in with the IMEI number on the back of your GPS tracker and the password of your device. You already have access to the tracking portal.

On the start page you will see, similar to the app, the current position of your pet. The portal uses the highly detailed map of Google Maps, which also has a practical satellite view. You can even see if your pet is roaming around on other people’s property.
On the Strat side you can also choose between different GPS trackers. This allows a clear tracking without subscription costs of several pets.

As with the app, you can use the practical Geo-Fence function here, which notifies you as soon as you run away. Unlike the app, the tracking platform offers even more detailed statistics than the app. For example, you can have the exact address and length of stay of the respective locations displayed for the movement history. This is especially handy if you want to catch your dog or cat again. A simple entry of the address into the Navi is sufficient.

This data can also be exported as an Excel file. With this you can get exact statistics about the movements of your pets. The Tracking Portal offers you a multitude of practical functions, archives and documents all movement data fully automatically so that you always have an overview.

Overview of the functions of the Web portal:

Simple operation
Position on a detailed Google Maps map with Geo-Fence function
Fully automated archiving and management of tracking data
Export of all data as Excel file for easy archiving & creation of statistics

Is it possible to monitor farm animals with the GPS Tracker Mini©?

Besides cats and dogs you can track practically all animals that weigh over 4.5 kg and can cope with a collar. For example, you can track the movement patterns of herds of sheep or cows on large fields, which replaces their daily visits and also allows more efficient placement of fences, shelters and feed. Thanks to the accurate recording of the movement data, long-term observations of farm animals are no problem at all.

Secure tracking in wind and weather

The GPS Tracker Mini© is particularly robust construction is indispensable for pet use. Dogs in particular like to roam through the undergrowth or undergrowth of the woods after you have run away. And that in wind and weather. A particularly durable design of the housing was therefore a central component of our development work. That’s why the compact and lightweight device is equipped with an extremely robust ABS housing. This housing protects the highly developed electronic components from shocks, dust and moisture. This makes the Tracker ideal for hunting dog breeds such as Beagle, Dobermann and Deutsch Drahthaar. Especially these breeds love to roam through the woods very fast.

The advantages of GPS tracking of pets

The advantages of GPS pet tracking are virtually obvious. It has never been easier, safer or more efficient to find your pet. You can use tracking as often as you want, without running costs. So you can leave your dog unattended without any problems, because the tracking is done with just a few clicks via an app.

GPS tracking makes a lot of sense, especially for large, extensive properties. Thanks to the Geo-Fence function, you can detect that your four-legged friend has escaped even if you no longer have him in sight. Finally you are informed immediately about your Smartphone or mobile phone with exact position indication.

The  GPS Tracker is also very suitable for unusual applications such as hunting with foxhounds, as the dogs often hunt uncontrolled behind their prey. Your dog will quickly be out of sight and finding him in the middle of the forest is usually a real challenge. Especially here the Tracker is in its element in connection with the practical app.

Another decisive advantage is the cost structure of the GPS Tracker Mini©. After the one-time purchase, you have no running costs anymore. Only the SIM card, which is necessary to transmit the position data, costs a small amount. However, at a few cents per 100 positioning requests, this is within a negligible range.

It has never been easier to have a secure feeling when your dog or cat has searched the distance again. With the GPS Tracker Mini© you can be sure to find your pet in no time.

What other areas of application are there?

The GPS Tracker Mini© is suitable for countless applications thanks to its compact, inconspicuous design. For example, the installation in a car is conceivable in order to keep an automatic logbook with the help of the tracking portal. This means that an entire fleet can be reliably monitored with kilometre accuracy. No less interesting is the safety and monitoring application. Thanks to the professional monitoring function and the unobtrusive housing, the GPS Tracker Mini© is ideally suited for professional monitoring and surveillance measures. Similar to the tracking of pets, it is also possible to determine the position of your children. Features such as the Geo-Fence can be used to get a message when your child leaves school.

The application areas at a glance:

Monitoring of vehicle fleet or private car
Security surveillance measures
Pets like cats and dogs
Monitoring to protect your children
bugging operations
Recording of hikes and leisure activities
Monitoring of livestock herds